10 oz Candle Clear Frosted Glass Jar

Frosted Glass Jar filled with 10 ounces of forevergreens® proprietary blend of Organic Coconut & Soy Waxes and pumped with room-filling aroma.  Paper core wick may leave a black "mushroom" at the top.  Simply trim and continue burning.

Burn time approximately 20 hours.  



10 oz Candle Clear Frosted Glass Jar

  • All of our candles contain a 100% paper core wick which over a slow, even burn.  It is possible to have a black residue left behind from this type of wick; simply snip and toss away before uses. For best results, it is best to allow your candle to burn all the way across the top before extinguishing to ensure an even burn to the bottom of the container.


    As with all of forevergreen® products, if you are not satisfied, please email us at: sales@forevergreen44.com.


    If you have a vessel that you would love filled with our candle wax or would like to reuse/refill one that you have purchased from us, contact us and we will do our best :)


    We love that you love forevergreen® candles and want you to always be safe so please, never leave a burning candle unattended.