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just the right amount of sparkle!

Full head: $45 & up* 

Half Head: $30*

*length & thickness determines price

should your hair be VERY thick and/or long,

the price is subject to change*

Appointment Days/Times 

forevergreen® soap + candle studio

406 west broad street, westfield 07090

Wednesday: 12-5:00

Thursday: 12:00-5:00

Friday: 11:30-4:00

Saturday: 10:00-3:00

please contact for additional hours.

Groups, Parties & Events

Minimum of 4 people

 Travel fee determined by distance

So, just what is Fairy Hair???

Let me start out by saying that Fairy Hair is not "expensive" and is such a fun way to brighten up your mood

(and the moods of those around you) in a pinch.

Fairy Hair is made of ultra fine threads of metallic Thai silk strands that are weaved onto 1 strand of hair.  

The strands come in a rainbow of colors from neutral to bright and dark to light.  

It lasts until the hair it is attached to falls out.  In the first few days, you will lose a few strands and is to be expected. To compensate for that, I always add a few extra so that your fairy hair looks full & fresh for months.

Fairy Hair on children

Because children are in the "growth phase of life", Fairy Hair tends to fall out faster as they are constantly losing and growing more hair.  Additionally, ponytails and hair getting knotty contributes to this loss.  IF you notice the strands falling out and ARE NOT attached to a hair, please contact me.  If the strands are connected to a hair, this was the the life of the hair which I have no control over.  I tie the knots as tight as possible in order for them to last as long as the hair is attached to the scalp. 

Fairy Hair can be treated just like your natural hair.  

You can wash, curl, straighten, color, brush, style & cut

as well as swim (depending on the chlorination of the water the color may fade but the strands will remain shiny.) 

There are some Fairy Hair stylists who charge per strand.  

I do not work that way as I feel that those who get "just a few" always want more which is most often difficult due

to the time allotted.  

I do either half or full heads and charge based on:

Hair length

(short hair does NOT take less time or cost less, it actually takes longer and uses the same number of strands as long hair does.)


Hair texture

Straight or Curly

(curly does cost a bit more as I do curl each strand. please have your hair styled the way you usually wear it.)



IF you have textured, braided or "molded" hair your hair must be in its most natural state in order for me to attach the fairy hair/strand.

 I will not remove braids or comb through heavily molded, knotty or tangled hair.

Please feel free to contact me for more information or to make an appointment: or 201.401.3869

For upcoming Fairy Hair events, please follow my Instagram @forevergreensoap

Looking forward to adding a little sparkle into your life :)

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