~Atha yoga anushasanam~
Now, the teachings of yoga.
—Yoga Sutra 1.1

Yoga for all...

"They" say, we are only given in life what we can handle - and just a tiny bit more - that which makes us stronger...

Over the last almost 2 years, I have really taken a hard look at this statement and (for me) believe it to be spot on.  And during this time, WE - have been so very fortunate to have been part of a community who had continuous struggles & successes ~ and I am no exception.  

I do not know that I/we would have come out the other end of such a challenging time in life without Yoga.  It has been the lifeline that kept us all (and continues to keep us all) going.... Now (atha) as we reenter into a more natural lifestyle, we must continue to learn , grow and thrive.  Put our actions where they count and matter and at the very least learn to live in a world without judgement.  Some will continue to wear masks, some will chose not to vaccinate, some will move and some will make hard & real choices for the futures of themselves and their families.  NO judgement.  

We have been through the storm~ No Mud, No Lotus.

BE like the Lotus.

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LOCAL Yoga Events

I believe that yoga (like books & music)

is meant to be shared.  I am fortunate to work (for lack of a better word) at several of the best studios in our area where there is always something going on...

Satsang Yoga Studio ~ Westfield, NJ

Alluem Yoga Studio ~ Cranford, NJ

MettaCasa Yoga & Cafe ~ Scotch Plains, NJ

Onyx Yoga Studio ~ Warren, NJ