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~Atha yoga anushasanam~
Now, the teachings of yoga.
—Yoga Sutra 1.1



Have you been thinking about what it takes to become a great Yoga teacher?

Do you want to learn more...

Join Michelle & Lisa for their next discovery adventure!

stay tuned for the next start date

Sutra Seeds 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


The word Dharma is a Buddhist word that means "cosmic law,  order and universal truth expressed by the teachings of the Buddha".

In Hinduism, truth is the highest Dharma and the source of all other virtues.

Dharma may be loosely translated as right conduct & behavior and is also known to be the souls true nature and wisdom.  

Your life worth & value and why you are here.

We all contemplate this from one time or another and more often than that hit the proverbial "wall" when the answer is not being shouted from the rooftops or written in black & white.

There is nothing wrong with you if you do not know or are unsure.  

For many of us, it could take our entire life and maybe never know

for sure if we have discovered our own true nature. 

Showing up and doing the work is all that we can do to be able to uncover the gems and the nuggets and the morsels that we have within ourselves

to share with the world.  

Yoga is here as a guidebook for that discovery

We get on our mats and we do the work.  We investigate, we explore, we uncover and we dissect and we listen to the voices inherent in each of us.  We take the wisdom that has been planted deep within all of us and peel back the layers to reveal our own brightest light.

We are all beginners; every single day...

start your next journey here & discover your Dharma.


Teaching Schedule
Click on each event for more detail


LOCAL Yoga Events

I believe that yoga (like books & music)

is meant to be shared.  I am fortunate to work (for lack of a better word) at several of the best studios in our area where there is always something going on...

Satsang Yoga Studio ~ Westfield, NJ

Alluem Yoga Studio ~ Cranford, NJ

Root To Rise Yoga Flow ~ Scotch Plains, NJ

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