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What soap is to the body,

laughter is to the soul...

Our Handmade Soap

In 1997 our first batch of soap, Refresh, was unmolded.  20 years later, Refresh is still one of our best-selling soaps along with so many others. Some of the names may have changed along the way, but; the recipe has stayed the same.  Pure ingredients combined with love & care create small batches of handcrafted soap.  Some exfoliate while some are smooth and creamy.  We use both pure essential oils as well as the finest fragrance oils (either when the aroma is not available or the price is too high for us to bring the aroma to you).  Our soaps cure for a minimum  of six weeks/bar in order to deliver you a mild soap that lathers, moisturizes and leaves you clean, comfortable and smelling great!  

Should you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.

Soaps in Stock
(*** out of stock)
Calm ~ French Lavender & Ground Oats
Relax~ Lemongrass, Lemon & Lavender
Grounded ~ Patchouli, Sandalwood & Sweet Orange
Forest~ Balsam Fir & Cedar
***Inner Peace~ Grapefruit & Patchouli
Carrots & Cream~ ORGANIC Fresh Carrot Juice & Geranium
Milk & Lavender ~ Creamy Goats Milk & Lavender
Milk & Mint~ Creamy Goats Milk & Minty Blend 
Super Clean~ Activated Charcoal, Tea Tree & Eucalyptus
Spiced Citrus~ Grapefruit & Clove
Hippie Chick ~ Nag Champa & Vanilla
WOW!!! ~ Spearmint & Lavender
***Sandilla ~ Sandalwood Blend & Vanilla Resin
Indian Summer ~ Sage & Chamomile
Earthy Crunchy ~ Almond, Vanilla & Ground Oats
Refresh ~ Wild Orange, Grapefruit & Oatmeal
Harmony ~ Patchouli & Oregon Lavender
***Steamroom ~ Eucalyptus & Rosemary
Devotion ~ Vanilla & Spearmint
***Sunshower ~ Sweet Orange & Jasmine
***Arabian Night ~ Mexican Lime & Patchouli
Deep Peace ~ White Ginger & Patchouli
Quench ~ Cucumber & Melon
Warmth ~ Cinnamon & Vanilla
Glow ~ Lime Blossom & Basil


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